About Service In My Area

ServiceInMyArea.com is owned, and operated by Phone TV Internet, LLC, and currently specializes in telecommunications and cable services with plans to include other location based comparison products.

Services We Offer

Service in My Area is an authorized retailer of top national phone, TV, and Internet brands. Our partners make it possible for us to incorporate location based search and comparison for services like home phone, digital TV, and high-speed Internet. By shopping for service based on your location we can provide highly accurate price comparisons of services available wherever you live, or plan to move.

Contact & Domain Registration

Daymon Hoag
Phone TV Internet, LLC
50 Resch St
Kenton, Ohio 43326

Company Information

Company name: Phone TV Internet, LLC
Date of registration: September, 29, 2008

Our History

Phone TV Internet, LLC was officially established as a company in 2008 by Daymon Hoag, in the very small town of Vickery, Ohio, and later moved to Kenton, Ohio in 2009. Because availability of telecommunication services like Phone, TV, and Internet is very specific to exact location, the original website was sold, and ServiceInMyArea.com was created.

Our Mission

It is the mission of Service In My Area to provide consumers with the online tools they need to make informed decisions. Our goal is simply to be the best at what we do, and to be a source of authority on topics we cover. The ultimate goal is to earn the trust, and respect of our users, and customers alike.