Phone Service Availability and Price Comparisons

Compare telephone calling rates and plans from digital, and landline home phone providers in your area by address and zip code. There are plenty of ways to make your phone calls cheaper!

Save Money on Local & Long Distance Phone Bills

Making phone calls doesn't have to be expensive. It doesn't matter if you have a set number of minutes you can use for both local and long distance calls on your cell phone, or if you want to make long distance calls from your home phone without a big bill. Domestic, international, it doesn't matter. There are ways around things, and here are some of the best ways you can stick it to the phone company.

  • Bundle unlimited local & long distance home phone on the same bill with TV, or Internet
  • Switch to an unlimited data and calling plan from a prepaid cell phone service
  • For cheap international calls, get an unlimited VoIP international calling plan
  • Switch from analogue landline to digital voice for cheaper calling rates

Data and Unlimited Calling Without a Contract

But all of the coolest smartphones are on contract, right? Not anymore! Nowadays you can get some of the most popular smartphones from prepaid carries without a contract. Switch when you want, skip a month, whatever! You can get a high quality smartphone for about the same price you would normally pay to renew your contract with a post-paid carrier. Here are some of the best reasons to switch.

  • No contract, no early termination fee, naughta!
  • 4G and 3G data plans, plus unlimited talk cheaper than any contract plan
  • Great coverage. The top wireless carries use Sprint's network!
Plans & Options

More Options

More Options For Phone Service

Unlike other provider searches, we list several technology platforms. The "other guys" might do only cable, or only telco, or only wireless. We show them all, so you get the most options. When you save, we win, so we want you to have as many choices, and ways to save as possible.

  • Landline home phone
  • Prepaid wireless
  • Digital voice

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