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No Fluff, just facts. We understand there are a lot of review sites out there that have a single goal in mind. To make money off the products being reviewed. We do hope to generate a profit too, but not at the expense of the quality of our editorial reviews and website as a whole. We simply research the topic and present the facts.  It may be a little dull and lack excitement, but it makes it easy for our users to sift through the data to draw their own conclusions.

Monetization Disclosure

While we do generate a profit if you click a link and buy from one of our partners the reviews themselves (unless otherwise stated) are unbiased. This website has to be paid for somehow. We do not charge subscriptions or fees so when a user buys a product we’ve linked to it allows us to monetize on the website’s content while providing a valuable service to the online community such as shopping, reviews, and comparisons.

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If we’ve somehow run afoul of some moral obligation to present the facts, or you need to just give us a heads up please send us a message

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